Friday, June 3, 2011

It's A Girl!!

We had our anatomy ultrasound a couple weeks ago and we are adding a precious little girl to our family! The Dr. visit went well and everything looked healthy and normal on the ultrasound. The day after we found out I went shopping with the girls and found some darling little outfits and clothes for her. I have been dying to just find out what we are having so that I could enjoy looking at baby things. We are starting to get the baby room ready and we cleaned out the closet and Chris created more shelving for her stuff. It's been fun!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trip to California with my Family

So I met my family in California a few weeks ago to hang out, go to Disneyland, and the beach. We had tons of fun and I took my first baby bump picture while we were there. We went to Newport Beach to enjoy the beautiful day; and we also went to Disneyland for a day where we had a blast. Unfortunately for me I couldn't ride any of the fun adult rides due to my health status....but it's worth it it!

First Ultrasound at ten weeks!

We had our first ultrasound for the baby a few weeks ago and it was awesome! I never thought about what it would feel like when I was the one put in this situation. The moment our little one popped up on the screen I started to cry. It was such an amazing feeling I can't even describe with words. He/she is two inches long in this picture and has a strong and fast heartbeat. Chris and I are so excited to be pregnant and expecting our first child..... its definitely time:)