Saturday, March 28, 2009


Spring Break is finally here...... Chris and I had the opportunity to meet our best friends Tad and Emily in Moab, UT for a weekend and it was a blast! They brought Oakley and we brought Tieg and Kona for a fun, carefree camping trip, and thats exactly what it was. Yep, Em and I roughed it in the wild for a few days and we really had so much fun. We did some 4 wheeling and went down to this little waterfall/river by potato salad with the dogs and they loved the water.  We made camp fires and cooked smores and tin foil dinners that were AMAZING! A weekend of camping with our friends was just what we needed to have the perfect break from work and school.

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  1. Oh Chris!!!!! You look so much better with that nice haircut!!! Cute Blog! Remember the blessing is on May 3rd, please try to come!