Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend Fun!!

So Chris and I went with our good friends Katie and Blair to Show Low Arizona for a weekend at her parents cabin. Well, you really can't call it a cabin because it was so freakin' nice..... more like a mansion. We had so much fun and let me just say there was never a moment of boredom. From our own personal theater room to foosball, air hockey, pool, ping pong, darts, hot tub, zipline, and razor rides we had so many activities to do!! We went snow boarding all day at the Sunrise Resort there in Show Low and my butt sure hurts because I had not been in four years. I pretty much got the hang of it there at the end though!


  1. Dang Laur sounds like so much fun!! The zipline looks like a freaking blast! I love your hair!

  2. That was such a fun trip! We are gonna have to do it again before we leave Flagstaff in May! You definitely got the hang of boarding again we just gotta get you to get comfortable on your toe side. We'll go again soon! Love ya Lauri and Chris!